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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

District 4 rejects Willie and reelects Wright

I have to tell you I was worried about this race. Willie had a ton of cash and the support of the cities "so called" elite. At the end of the day however enough people saw through Willie's deceptive campaign tactics and were turned off by his lack of ideas and supporters. I like to think I helped too.

Now we just need Mrs. Wright to be the school board member that we know she can be. Especially now that she doesn't have to run for reelection. We need her to stand up against the bad ideas and policies that are infecting our city like a virus. I also don't care if the votes are symbolic. Often change starts with just one person saying no and I hope to hear that a lot from her until we turn things around.

Our students, teachers and families desperately need her to do so.


  1. She could start by pushing back against Vitti's idea to change how we calculate class sizes. At my high school, we have academic classes with about 35 and AP classes with 45. It's very crowded and impossible to give individual attention.

    1. Please send me some details to

  2. I was happy to see that she won!