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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pittsburgh and Durham end their contracts with Teach for America, when will Jacksonville get a clue?

From the Diane Rvitch blog

Shortly after posting that the school board of Durham, North Carolina, voted not to renew its contract with Teach for America, I recalled that another major city had done the same, reversing the previous board’s decision to bring in 30 TFA recruits.
Last December, the newly elected majority on the Pittsburgh school board voted 6-2 not to renew its contract with TFA. The issue was how to fill positions at hard-to-staff schools. One of the board members who voted not to renew TFA said, “Board members said they’re concerned resignations from teachers in those schools stem from a lack of support for the educators. “People will come to hard-to-staff buildings if they know they will have support there.”


  1. Teach For America is a terrible virus. It is doing as much harm to Public Education as Ebola is doing to Africans.

  2. Wonder if Duval County will do the same? I din't think so! So far, they are doing a great job of diminishing their public schools' population and building up those of their publicly-funded private charters. And maybe, "kudos!" to Vitti who is helping to get rid of the disruptive ones; their parents believe in the word "CHARTER" stemmed from "CHARTRAND - THE Grocer, I guess. These parents just want good grades for their children, not good education and good behavior, and good personal responsibility because for generations they been getting all the free goodies and its always been working for them by keeping them in their dark holes. They are not learning, period! The only problem is that thousands of good people, meaning our enslaved teachers, and the students from good and intelligent backgrounds who deserve a good quality education, have to suffer because of others ghetto behaviors in our schools. There are those who clamor for rights all the time while their "babies" disrupt the classes, so much so that my child does not want to go to school. Having wilder beasts and deer in the same clustered field will not work well because when the former start their stampede the latter will get crushed. But you see the latter don't have RIGHTS because they don't "MAKE NOIZE". Now, if the reason for the current privatization was for dealing with that problem, rather than strictly FOR PROFIT", I might support it. The reason is that those who don't want to learn are ensuring that those who want to don't get to, by preventing our NOBLE TEACHERS from teaching.