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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Jacksonville Public Education Fund’s subtle racism, or how they screwed over one of their own.

Samuel Hall is a legitimate school board candidate in district 2. Where not an educator in the traditional sense, like Shannon Russell, he has been involved in education and touts his history on his web site.

One of the things he talks about with some pride is being a delegate for the Jacksonville Education Fund. This guy has been involved. The JPEF however couldn’t care less as their board of directors has thrown their support and thousands of dollars behind Scott Shine, a seemingly career public servant looking for another line on his resume. If you go to his web site he is heavy on who has endorsed him but very light on education accomplishments.  He doesn’t mention the JPEF once.
Oh and besides Hall touting his involvement with the JPEF and Shine seemingly not even knowing who they are, Hall is black and Shine is white. It’s not like the JPEF board of directors didn’t have a choice there.

Okay you’re probably thinking but Chris the JPEF board is supporting Darryl Willie in district 4, how can there be even a hint of racism. Well they had to pick somebody to support if they wanted to have somebody from each race win and all the candidates in district 4 are African American. But rather than support the lifelong resident and incumbent, they chose the new comer not just to district 4 but also to Jacksonville itself Darryl Willie.

Willie’s not from the neighborhood and I am told seems much more comfortable with the members of the chamber of commerce than he does with the residents in district 4. Perhaps that’s why so many of his campaign contribution have come from elsewhere.

Am I stretching here? I don’t think so but without a doubt the JPEF had a real choice in 2, the teacher Shannon Russell, who undoubtedly knows what our teachers and schools need the most. Or Hall who has worked with them in the past and who has education bon a fides or Shine and they went with Shine.

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