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Thursday, April 16, 2015

By suspending Vice Principal Oscar Harris the school board shows they just don't get it. (rough draft)

Originally I wasn't going to write about recently suspended Westside High Vice Principal Oscar Harris. I thought what's the story there? Staff member put in a dangerous situation as children run amok, that has got to happen dozens of times throughout the district daily. Now him being suspended for breaking up a fight, the board thought he was to rough even though all reports say the student threw multiple punches at him, is a little unusual, but how many times can I write discipline is pretty bad and if we don't do something about it we are courting tragedy, because friends I have done that story dozens of times and the response from the district has been to tie teachers hands and say things are better than ever.    

However the readers of the blog wouldn't let it go. They wrote: The issue with Oscar Harris at Westside is a crime, and this is coming from a teacher that works at Westside. Now, the news about his previous legal concerns are definitely egregious. I was surprised that they would even hire someone like that within the district. What really bothers me is that they suspended this man for doing his job. Mr. Harris is KEY to keeping this school running and functioning. 

When teachers have problems with students and their behavior, which there are alot of, Mr Harris always is willing to help resolve the issue. Calling parents, handling discipline issue, and BREAKING UP FIGHTS. Any teacher that teaches in a school like this knows that it's a DREAM to be able to have administration that takes a serious stance on discipline. Now, I don't know if anybody but me read the report, but the student refused to go down! This was even after they had separated the other students. They noted in the report that the student plays wide receiver on the football team which means that he is not the small poor child that some are imagining. 

and... Oscar Harris is no angel, but it would seem that in this instance he did nothing wrong. Comments on different news websites, Facebook, etc tell me that the public agrees and supports him. It's a genuine shame that no one in our district office or on our board will support him.

Here is a link where you can read the report that led to Mr. Harris's suspension
and it reads like Harris is a hero, putting himself in harms way to protect students and other staff members, furthermore it says he received a torn meniscus for his efforts.

Can you imagine Fischer or Shine breaking up a fight, what about Vitti in one of his fancy suits?Harris, who is 53 years old by the way, says he did what he had to do and the video and relevant parties all backed him up but still he was suspended, it's a travesty and it shows that the school board just doesn't get it.

For shame Dual County what is it going to take for you to take action, does a student have to kill a teacher or another student on campus for you to care?

So Mr. Harris the school board may vilify you but to us out here in the trenches, many of whom are afraid for their own safety and see the atrocious and often violent behavior from a segment of our students, you're a hero.

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