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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Vitti's best friends the New Teacher Project blasted by the Marzano Center

I actually don't know if they are Vitti's best friends, that role seems to be reserved for Teach for America and Charter Schools but Vitti does go to the New Teacher Project whose overriding philosophy is you can fire teachers to improve school districts, whenever he wants some research done.

Yeah a group founded by Michelle "Fire them all" Rhee can't be biased or anything.

Well this is what the group out of Pasco county said about the New Teacher Project: Researchers for the Marzano Center blasted TNTP's methods, interpretations and findings in a 21-page document sent to the Gradebook on Tuesday. They suggest that TNTP failed to identify critical context, made inaccurate policy implications and relied on "factual errors and misleading misstatements." Moreover, the group noted that TNTP did not mention it is a competitor that could benefit from its recommendations.

Overall, the Marzano group called the TNTP paper "highly imbalanced" and insufficient to support its "high-stakes claims":
Recommendations based on incomplete reports can cause harm in such high-stakes situations. Educational researchers should hold themselves to the highest standards—making sure that data reported are accurate, without flaws, and able to be replicated. Scientific researchers are under an obligation to provide readers with sufficient information to make informed decisions. These are ethical obligations scientists share with their colleagues in the scientific community, even when findings may contradict the ultimate aim of the organization. Researchers should operate under circumstances where it is their duty to report negative findings, even when doing so does not benefit the organization responsible for implementing the study.

I think doing research is important but why does the super keeping going to a self serving group that has a history of being biased against teachers?

Oh wait a minute, I think I know after all.

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