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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Let me explain to you how bad the Times Union is on education.

In the last week education editor Teresa Stepzinski has done two articles about the budget crisis in clay county. The long and short of it is they are in a deep financial hole and people are about to start losing jobs. In neither article did she mention the opening of a new charter school by a for profit company that is going to undoubtedly exacerbate the problem nor the financial contributions they made to two school board members. 

Befuddled, I wrote Stepzinsky and asked her:  No mention in your latest Clay County piece about the charter school set to open which is undoubtedly going to exacerbate the problem and it's financial connection to two SB members, it seems to me you could have thrown a paragraph or two in there. 

I really don't understand how it's now news or relevant, its almost like you want to keep the people in Clay County in the dark.

If you have a minute could you explain it to me.

My response thus far has been crickets. Am I missing something here are those not relevant facts to Clay County's financial crisis?

The local media has without a doubt been partly responsible for where our schools find themselves by either ignoring stories or allowing the district to get away with things. The Times Union is the worst of all because their editorial board is undoubtedly on the wrong side of every education issue. The next tough or probing question they ask will be there first in a long time.

So shame on you Teresa Stepzinski and shame on the Times Union too.



  1. I think when the TU changed not only the headline but also the article, "Dr. Vitti would be a C student" to "Dr. Vitti would be a B student" they told on themselves. They are in solid with the city powers that want to privatize the schools. Of course she wouldn't respond to you.

  2. What could be more unethical than for journalists to keep the public in the dark instead of keeping them informed?