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Monday, April 13, 2015

How much does superintendet Vitti love charter schools

When talking about a charter school whose graduation rate went from just over one percent (um how weren't they closed) to just over 8, Superintendent Vitti had an odd response.

From the Times Union: Duval Schools Superintendent Nikolai Vitti responded, “We can’t celebrate it, but we can acknowledge that it’s an improvement.... I think they’ve become stronger partners.”

This begs the question what would a charter school have to do to get some kind of  negative reaction from Vitti? I mean Stronger partners, really? 

Vitti loves charter schools and he apparently does not give a damn if they are terrible.


  1. I know that this post is completely unrelated to the one above, but this seems to be the only place where I could post this and remain unidentified. The issue with Oscar Harris at Westside is a crime, and this is coming from a teacher that works at Westside. Now, the news about his previous legal concerns are definitely egregious. I was surprised that they would even hire someone like that within the district. What really bothers me is that they suspended this man for doing his job. Mr. Harris is KEY to keeping this school running and functioning. When teachers have problems with students and their behavior, which there are alot of, Mr Harris always is willing to help resolve the issue. Calling parents, handling discipline issue, and BREAKING UP FIGHTS. Any teacher that teaches in a school like this knows that it's a DREAM to be able to have administration that takes a serious stance on discipline. Now, I don't know if anybody but me read the report, but the student refused to go down! This was even after they had separated the other students. They noted in the report that the student plays wide receiver on the football team which means that he is not the small poor child that some are imagining. I have taught this child and know what type of student he is. Even more so, I know his parents. They are the type of parents that every teacher hates. Currently they are giving his teachers hell in their constant pursuit to find a reason to sue the district. Through teacher lounge conversation, I heard that during football season they contacted the FHSAA because they thought their son was unjustly not receiving enough playing time. Now I don't know alot about sports, but I think that I grasp the concept enough to know that you have to earn playing time, and if there are players better than you then you have to wait. Now I hear the parents are on an IEP witch hunt because their son, who from my own previous experiences, is not academically motivated, is not getting the attention they feel he deserves. Whenever I see these people roam the hallways which is like twice a week I can see the dollar signs in their eyes. That's why I think they didn't want to release their video, it combated the ACTUAL story, which lessens the chance that they'll be able to sue Duval County. Mr. Harris was just another means for their end, I'm sure they'll be coming for one of his teachers next.
    Sigh, That felt good.

    1. Okay, I will get something up in the next day or so.

    2. And take note that News4Jax had open commenting on the story, but every single comment (35 or so when I last looked) were in support of Oscar Harris-- now they have taken the comment section down. I regret I didn't think to screen cap it. More evidence of the media serving Vitti's agenda.

    3. Seems unethical for news4jax.

  2. Schools like Westside with large "minority" populations should a team 15-20 cops. These kids are out of control. It comes from the community. A school can't fix a community, but a community can fix a school.

  3. Oscar Harris is no angel, but it would seem that in this instance he did nothing wrong. Comments on different news websites, Facebook, etc tell me that the public agrees and supports him. It's a genuine shame that no one in our district office or on our board will support him.

  4. Chris, this IS related to the topic of charter school support in Duval (but the situation with Oscar Harris also needs our support):

    No one is writing about the number of good or great teachers who are now with charter schools BECAUSE we were blocked from being hired in Duval. Why would high-performing teachers be blocked? Oh, maybe because we witnessed things that we found unethical from student abuse to FCAT cheating, and when we reported such things, we lost our jobs. Well, I say, thank God for charter schools; otherwise, we'd be working in the food industry! Fries anyone?

  5. I always got good eval until I started reporting ethical violations too. Now they're trying to get rid of me. Good luck with that.