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Sunday, April 19, 2015

More excuses from Vitti, what's a quater million dollars wasted anyways.

 This guy has been great so far at four things, belittling teachers, expanding charter schools, bringing in grants (that’s a god thing) and making excuses, which he does again today in the Times Union.

When talking about the district losing money in an audit he said: … most of the district findings and amounts are lower than in prior audits and lower than similar audit findings for most of the Big Seven districts in Florida.
Um how about him just saying, we are sorry this happened and we working to make sure this never happens again. He can’t do that though he has to qualify and make excuses. He can’t possibly be at fault for anything and I am reminded of his self eval where he gave himself something like 46 out of 47 highly effectives.

Vitti doesn’t own the problem, he doesn’t say, my bad I’m sorry we wasted tax payer money that we can desperately use, instead he says, hey it could have been worse and we %$#^ed up less than other districts. 


The article also talked about how a poorly performing charter school that the district gave a three year contract to also cost the district hundreds of thousands of dollars. The charter school basically shrugged its shoulders at the news.

I just wanted to point out that the school in question, LoneStar spends about a third of its budget on administrative and management fees.


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  1. Lone Star should reimburse the district for the funds lost. They were overpaid. DCPS can deduct it from next year's remittances since charter funding flows through the District.