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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Parent calls out Jason Fischer for putting money above children's needs.

By Gregg Keefer

  A recent Guest Editorial by School Board member Jason Fischer offered some interesting insights on the “School Choice” movement and its motivations. A careful reading of recent transplant Mr. Fischer’s words indicates he seems to be positioning himself for another run at Tallahassee. There is little doubt that the moneyed interests who helped him gain a seat on our School Board are well pleased with how their investment has paid off and will be eager to fund his next step up to further their agenda of privatization of Florida’s public schools.
Privatization of public schools represents a very real threat to our children because business is a ruthless endeavor. It’s about buying low and selling high, and Mr. Fischer’s editorial was little more than a sales pitch for what he and his backers are really selling.

  With millions of dollars on the table, corporate interests are lining up at the till to get their share and our children and their needs will always come second to the almighty dollar.  How else can one explain our tax money funding a charter school in Jacksonville linked to the Gulen Movement, an organization that the FBI believes is funneling money to radical Islamic groups worldwide. 

  Mr. Fischer and his corporate backers care little for the effects their of ideology, so long as there is money to be made.

Note: Fischer announced last November that he planned to run for the state house and a look at his campaign donors finds numerous charter school and vouchers interests have donated to him.

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