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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Now Duval County is worried about Charter schools?

What the beep?

It wasn't when the district was approving charter schools so fast that they have increased by about 300 percent over the last few years?

It wasn't when most of the school board members were accepting money from charter school operators or their friends?

It wasn't when they were applying for grant money to give to them, money other districts turned down?

It wasn't when Vitti who owes his job to charter school lover Gary Chartrand was attending conferences on how to bring charter schools to town?

It wasn't when charter schools realized they couldn't do anything in our poorer neighborhoods and started setting up shop down the street from A schools?

It wasn't when the board was allowing carters to open with dubious innovation, boards that weren't from Jacksonville or chains to expand when they had failing sister schools?

Now the board and super care?

I believe the answer is they don't care not even now. They just have to appear to do so too keep the city in the dark as they work towards a completely privatized district. The board and super have had plenty of opportunities to say no and push back and every time they have done the opposite.

Wake up Duval before it is to late.

1 comment:

  1. Dumbest people on the planet. They did not forecast this when they approving these charters?