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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Florida Tax watch attacks the class size amendment again

In a dozen news papers across the state Dominic Calabro CEO of the Florida Tax watch attacked the class size amendment.

The Florida Tax Watch would have you believe the class size amendment has been a disaster wasting billions of dollars. Dominic Calabro their CEO says we have seen little improvement in student achievement from our investment. Funny because Jeb Bush, somebody who Calabro often writes fondly about is about to run for president based on Florida’s education achievements. They both just think failing third graders, not smaller classes led to them.

Instead of debunking every point he made and pointing out that smaller classes is the one reform Florida uses that has evidence that says it works, I will just say ask a teacher if they think they would be better if they had five, seven or ten more students.

When Calabro calls for an end to the class size amendment what he is really calling for is the firing of an undetermined amount of teachers, because where else will the savings he talks about comes from. It’s not the class size amendment he has a problem with but the teacher unions.

He says we should radically alter the class size amendment. I have another idea and that’s Tallahassee should listen to the will of the people who have upheld the class size amendment several times now and fund it like they were called upon to do.

Even if you don’t care for the class size amendment you should be upset by what’s going on because next time they may ignore something that you voted for that passed.

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