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Monday, April 6, 2015

Jason Fischer shows his allegiance is only to charter schools.

First once again, Mandarin really? Sigh.

From the Times Union: Charter schools were initially supposed to deliver something different, innovative, an educational alternative for parents, said Paula Wright, a Duval board member, but these schools appear to be similar to the public schools they’re locating near.
Board member Jason Fischer disagreed, saying charter schools don’t open just to “cannibalize” students from existing public schools. He said he expects the new Duval charter will attract home-school and private school students.

UM WHAT!!!!! Charter schools only attract home school and private school students?!? Wow, that's new to everybody. What Fischer did is try to distract you from the awful truth and that's charter schools do cannibalize neighborhood schools and his district has been especially hurt by it, not that I imagine he cares one bit.

Heck even Ashley Smith Juarez who is no foe of privatization raised some concerns. from the same article: “Can’t we look at a needs assessment … with these schools,” asked Ashley Smith Juarez, a board member, questioning the Renaissance expansion.

 Fischer who has taken lots of money from charter schools asks us to ignore that charter schools while providing a no better and often times worse education, have a huge negative impact on public schools.

Mandarin really?!?

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