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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Some real leadership from the school board, not Duval County's mind you.

From the Orlando Sentinel: ThSeminole County School Board wants to opt out of the state's new standardized test because members view the roll out of the Florida Standards Assessments as a "debacle."

 The leaders of one of the state's top-performing school districts agreed Tuesday to ask if they can skip the new FSA next year and give their students national tests, such as the SAT, instead. Computer problems marred the debut of the FSA, which has more online tests than its predecessor. There were more problems Monday, which delayed testing for thousands of students and further frustrated Seminole officials.

You should really read the article, the school board members used words like debacle, unacceptable and not educationally sound. maybe if Duval County wasn't to busy giving away the district to charter schools they could be like Seminole and other counties and fight back against the out of control and not educationally sound testing policies Florida has going.  

Also from the article: Board Chairman Tina Calderone said the FSA was “not educationally sound” and the district needed to take a stand. “We’re offering a solution, and we’re willing to own that solution as a community,” she said. “Then we can allow our teachers to get back to what they do best, which is teach.”

In Duval unfortunately we're to busy bowing down to the corporate agenda that wants to destroy our schools.

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  1. Vitti isn't interested in what's best for the students or teachers.