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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Gary Chartrand wants us to be more like China

First I will let his words do the talking for him and then I will comment.

From an article about bringing a non profit STEM institute to Jacksonville, in the Jacksonville Business Journal.

“There is a huge opportunity here,” said Chartrand. “We really do lag behind other countries in this area. ... They’re teaching [computer] coding in the first grade in China, so we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.”

Um, parents how many of you want your six year olds to be writing code? 

Okay Gary Chartrand loves STEM, I believe its because of an article he read while waiting for a flight, or sitting in the john but regardless of its origin he loves it.  

Not wanting to be that guy that hates puppies just because he likes them, I looked into it and the results were decidedly mixed. Some people think the sky will fall unless we throw ourselves headlong into STEM while others think we have between plenty and way to many, while others want to add the arts to it and make STEAM. So unlike the grocer who runs our schools my jury is still out. 

So for a tie breaker I went to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics to see what the fastest growing jobs were.

Well friends if you look you will see a lot of Ms but not so many S T and Es. That's right the medical industry is exploding while the rest of the parts of STEM are currently out of the top fifty and as you can see coding is nowhere to be found.

If Gary Chartand would have said, man I am getting old and I need somebody to take care of me then he would have been dead on but for him to say we should be more like China and the hellscape they have created for their six year olds, it shows once again how out of touch he is.

I will say it again, if he wasn't rich, nobody would not give him the time of day.


  1. I really have no desire for us to become like China. They are truly a hot mess. Oh, sure they're doing some cool stuff, but they can't even figure out how to stop killing their own people with their disgusting polluted air! Now they have a massive ly growing medical system just to ATTEMPT to keep up with their skyrocketing cancer rate. So, why do we want to emulate anything China is doing???

  2. It is all about standardized test scores for those in charge. I don't get it. No one in college ever asked what my high school scores were or what I got on the SAT.
    No one really cares except those can make money off of the tests. Beyond that, I would prefer a creative, hardworking child over a good test taker any day.