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Thursday, April 9, 2015

No start date change for Duval schools

If you haven't noticed, this years Labor day is as late as possible, and to appease the mouse for years the state had a rule saying schools couldn't start until two weeks before. That means the first day of school for kids next year will be the 24th. Now you might be thinking what does a week latter matter but it means next year the second nine weeks won't end until nearly February.

Well the legislature rammed a new start time option into a testing bill allowing school start dates to move all the way up to the tenth of August. I asked if the district had any plans to move up this years start date and Ashley Smith Juarez said unequivocally no.

On a side note I attend the community meeting at Wolfson tonight with about ten other parents and community members. ten, there was times two district staff.

When the super gave his history of testing talk he left out a lot of nuance and then when talking about all the state shenanigans I thought he left out a lot of outrage but all in all I thought it was informative, we need these meetings, we should have more and I applaud the district for periodically having them. I went to ask a question about opting out and the super answered it during his talk.

I am critical of the super and the district when I think they deserve it but now I have to be critical of the parents and community members of Jacksonville because for just ten people to show up is a shame.

We have the super and school board, we have the high stakes testing and privatization that we do because the community often times has abdicated their responsibility to be both informed and involved.

Apathy kills.

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