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Friday, October 23, 2015

Dysfunction and disharmony on the Duval County School Board (rough draft)

At the October 13th school board meeting there were fireworks, fireworks that went uncovered by the local media which seems more interested in regurgitating the districts narrative rather than reporting and if I sound frustrated its because I am. Go ahead and start listening at the twenty-one minute mark (to about the 27:30 mark) and I will discuss when you get back.

I believe Wright's frustration with the super is well deserved. The super was willing to let an arcane rule made some twenty years ago disenfranchise large swathes of the community.

Just a reminder that Scott Shine and Jason Fischer despite the fact that none of their schools are involved with the supers proposal voted to limit public input over the pleas of he school board members who are potentially having schools affected. This is where the arcane rule comes in as a super majority are required to change a district policy, Cheryl Gyrmes was absent and did not vote.

You can hear the exasperation in Becki Couch's voice as she tells how Shine and Fischer didn't have the nerve to show up after they attempted to hijack the district.

This sadly is what happens when you have ideologues that want to dismantle our public schools, which Fischer and Shine are rather than people who love and want to improve them on our board.

At the end of the day the super's I was just following orders the rules runs hollow. Even Ashley Smith-Juarez seemed to dismiss his assertion.

I just want to add, I am a bit of a school board wonk and have closely followed the board for nearly a decade and I have never seen it this bad.  

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  1. Hahaha - the late 60's when we went on strike and the entire Herb Sang 70's and 80's have this one beat hands down - which is not to say it isn't bad now.