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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Education Stories the local media is ignoring

Hundreds of teachers have already resigned and students in foreign language and gym classes are in classes so big not only is not much learning going on but they can be dangerous.

Charter schools are using the districts own computer system to recruit students.

KIPP says they have a waiting list and the district says they have never met capacity plus the special relationship the district has with KIPP due to the influence of Gary Chartrand.

On First Coast Connect Vitti said teachers have the flexibility to take their kids out to pay. Unfortunately the district is telling a different story to teachers.

Duval is phasing out social studies in elementary schools.

Teachers are frustrated with the ELA and Math curriculums and being micromanaged by the district.

All the problems with the new district computer program. 

Teachers continue to talk about the district's culture of fear.


  1. That culture of fear started the first summer Vitti started at DCPS. I know people who work on Prudential Drive, and they were talking that summer, telling me to wait and see what he was really like.

  2. And discipline is non-existent. Teachers have to call parents before every referral. I have 200 students and 40 of them disrupt class daily. All I do is call parents on my precious planning time. Then I write them up and the dean is supposed to call the parents, but he doesn't. But before I write another referral, I have to contact the parents again. The dean gives warning, warning, warning for everything. The only one getting a consequence is the teacher, when you consider all we have to do before writing a referral, and the crap we take from unruly students and the admin telling us we write too many referrals. The child won't change until he gets a consequence and a warning is a joke. I have huge classes filled with kids on the school to prison pipeline, because they sure aren't getting an education. I feel sorry for the kids who want an education. The teacher next door to me had a student push her out of the way to walk out of class and she was told she couldn't write him up because she hadn't documented 3 interventions yet, including parent contact. I remember about 5 yrs. ago calling the union because an administrator told me I had to contact a parent before every referral I wrote and the union rep said, "No you don't. They're just trying to prevent you from writing any referrals." But, as usual, DTU has capitulated on this I guess. And these huge classes are very difficult to manage.

  3. RE: the culture of fear is at the top of the pay scale, even tho we have tenure, because the union is so worthless. New, untenured, teachers are being cut big breaks.