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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Vitti announces on First Coast connect, teachers are allowed to take their kids out to play whenever they think they need it.

I kid you not, listen at the 22:00 mark.

Vitti said, I have given schools the flexibility and teachers the flexibility, saying this on the air so everyone hears it, all you parents, if a teacher believes it is time to take kids outside to run around and to expend that energy they have the flexibility to do that.

He later repeats, they (teachers) have the discretion and flexibility to do that (take kids out).

The problem however is often what the district says and what they really do are two different things. When Superintendent Vitti first arrived he sent out an email saying they were going to relax the learning schedule allowing teachers to reteach and get in depth on subjects should they feel that is what their students need.  Now teachers feel the pressure to adhere to the learning schedule is greater than ever.

If Vitti is being sincere about allowing kids to play then this is a great thing, making school fun for kids is a lot more beneficial than constantly drilling kids.  My concern is how sincere was he and will principals allow play time because thus far many have not.

Vitti should repeat his remarks and make sure everybody hears them not just the audience of First Coast Connect.


  1. It goes beyond fun. Multiple research projects have shown that kids learn better if they have time to move around outside every day during the school day. This isn't rocket science. But we continue to skip it.

  2. Ah, the man of the big promises!

    Of course, they are all empty!

    Just as Vitti's leadership is empty.

    Promise anything as long as it appeases the critics so that they won't look more closely and see that there is no direction to his policies!

  3. YES
    My eighth grader sits all day long, only to come home and sit all night!!