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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The NAEP test it’s the best thing, no wait it’s the worst. (rough draft)

Here is what John Padget of the state board of education said, from the Tampa Times: Fourth- and eighth-grade scores in the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress slid in Florida, after years of steady improvement. Yet the state Department of Education declared "Florida students shine" in its media release, pointing to subsets of positive data that obscured the overall picture.
Vice chairman John Padget, a onetime Monroe County superintendent, was unimpressed.
"The present results are not acceptable to me," he said, mainly referring to drops in eighth-grade scores that he deemed a "disaster."
Now here is what Superintendent Vitti of Duval County said, from WJXT
"Today’s national assessment results recognize the hard work principals and teachers do every day in a large urban district where their performance has only been compared to surrounding, much smaller, less diverse and more affluent school districts," Duval County Superintendent Nikolai Vitti said. "These results are a tremendous step toward in reaching our goal of being the best urban school district in the country.”
I feel like we got two very different point of views there.
Why is that, because they are both politicians and both are pushing their agendas. Padget to do as much damage to the school system from his position as a member of the state board and Vitti, well frankly to keep his job. His rocky relationship with the board can’t handle to many more disasters.
The NAEP tests something like one percent of three (Florida) counties 4th and 8th grades took it and different politicians think its either the best thing or worst thing since slice bed.
The reality is it is a joke.

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  1. Once again FLDOE issues its well-worn narrative, we are great. If only our teachers didn't suck. But how could they be great without the success of teachers producing the results? Seems they would think twice about their persecution.