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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Veteran teacher speaks out, says the curriculum guide is killing us.

From a veteran Duval County Teacher,

I just read your post on the reading curriculum and the topics on each grade level are so inappropriate. Just another little pointer... The math curriculum is way too difficult for our kids too and we are pressured to be on the CG (curriculum guide), whatever it takes.

We had CC (common core) envisions textbooks the year before that were brand new and only used last year- ONE YEAR!! They have been taken away... Brand new books that are appropriate grade level material that DO have rigor no matter what they say.

I bet the public would be shocked to know these materials are available but teachers are not allowed to use them b/c principals do what their bosses deem is worthy not the teacher of 20 plus years. And I adore my principal, it's not their fault. Thank You for keeping it real when everyone else fears the wrath of the lead by intimidation administration.

I have to say it’s better than the years of Math Investigations which screwed over a generation of kids... At least it has a script and work included but it's way too difficult for most kids to process directions independently and the fact of being pressured to be on the CG when the lessons are so long is disturbing!

They don't care.

And having another tool that is brand new and we are not allowed to use per our judgement is so frustrating. I talked my principal into letting us use the books for "centers" as long as we can show data as to why a kid may be using it when someone walks in the room. And we we are not allowed to have  of the books at that! There is a chart of the only materials we are allowed to use . That text is not on the chart. I've purchased stuff from TPT and can't use it unless I sneak it. Anything copied must be approved. Micromanaging to a "t". Ok I'm done with the rant. Just adding material to your blog... 


  1. What do you expect from people who don't value teachers?

    The average person believes that teachers are very smart and only teach because they can't do anything else.

    The key is to return ownership of the school to the teachers and parents through a board composed of teachers and parents for each school. No more centralized administration which can be bought off by money or political connections.

  2. Young people are very scared to become teachers. Teaching is currently the WORST PROFESSION in the U.S. in terms of pay, disrespect, and bullying. Teachers are bullied at an endemic rate everyday in this country. In a few years, politicians will be begging people to become teachers. Unfortunately, politicians are not really aware of children's perceptions about the teaching profession.