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Friday, October 23, 2015

The Times Union leaves out important details to cover for Vitti

Let me just get to it.

On the thirteenth the school board had a meeting and there was a terse exchange between the superintendent and a few board members. Connie Hall asked to meet with the general council to discuss the super and boards role.

That brings us to the Times Union's article.

“We’re talking about adults…It’s behavior you don’t expect from a person in that position,” Hall said.
She said the issue may be revisited in an upcoming board meeting.
However, Grymes said a board reprimand of Vitti is unlikely.
In an emailed response to Hall last week, she stated that she didn’t believe the issue merited legal review.
“Even though the conversation was spirited and, at times, emotional, we were able to come to an agreement that will allow us to revisit the time frame for the working group process,” she stated.
She maintained that position Friday “We do emotional work…Sometimes people don’t know how they come off.”
Grymes makes it sound like it was no big deal. The problem is Grymes was not actually at the meeting, sure she was there via phone but she was not actually in the room. In fact if you listen to the audio at one point Becki Couch asks if she was still there. 
Here is the audio of the exchange, start at the 21 minute mark.

Shouldn't the Times Union have talked to people actually at the meeting, I mean if they were interested in reporting accurately what happened that is. 


  1. "Following his most recent board review, the board hired an education leadership coach to work with him."

    What is the purpose of this coach? Why was this person hired and how much is it costing the taxpayers?

  2. Yeah, when did that happen and why did they think the narcissist would listen to a coach?

  3. . The Times Union used to be objective. Not so much now.