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Friday, October 2, 2015

Is a schism developing between Chartrand and Vitti? (really rough draft)

Here is the thing, Vitti owes his job to Chartrand and nobody should think any different. They also have a special relationship and often times over the last few years it has looked like Chartrand has been pulling Vitti and the district's strings.

Vitti however for all his flaws is not a zealot, He has had a rocket trajectory becoming one of the youngest supers around and he's not done yet in his quest for world domination which merely heads through Jacksonville. The thing is he knows the test can be a bump in the road, parents are going to see F and D schools explode and eventually demand change. Some of Vitti's resistance without a doubt comes from a sense of self preservation. 

I also genuinely believe he wants what is best for our kids and for then to succeed. He just has no appreciation or respect for the job that teachers do and he is in way over his head. Ten-fifteen years from now he might make a pretty solid superintendent if he ever starts to value teachers that is.   

Chartrand on the other hand is a zealot, he does not want public schools to thrive let alone survive. He wants to replace them with charters staffed with non union teach for america hobbyists or to funnel everyone into voucher schools where the free market will sort it out.

Now look at what they have both said over the testing debacle.

First Vitti, From WJCT, Vitti said, "I'm not ruling out that opting out wouldn't be a possible option if we continue to see absolute stubbornness, arrogance, on the part of the department and many state officials right now in Tallahassee regarding the direction of accountability in the state of Florida."

He is definitely talking about the state board of which Chartrand is a member, stubbornness and arrogance describe Chartrand to a t, and if you doubt me just look at what he said.

Several members used their comments at a board meeting on Monday to urge Education Commissioner Pam Stewart to recommend more stringent “cut scores” to the board in the coming weeks. The new scores will be set as part of the state’s move to the Florida Standards Assessment, or FSA.
“The FSA test score is the only objective piece of information the state provides to parents about how their individual child is doing,” said Gary Chartrand, a member of the board and a recent chairman. “Some states, like Massachusetts, New York or Wisconsin have little or no gap between their state results and their national test results. Florida should move in this direction.”
Charrand who was never an educator and who sent his children to expensive and exclusive private schools that don't rely on high stakes tests apparently feels he knows better than professional educators.
Furthermore Chartrand doesn't care one bit about parents, if he did he would be listening to them, as they in a tremendous vice say, hold off on these tests and scale back the state's reliance on them. Humiliating schools and teachers is his only goal.
Chartrand and Vitti are on the opposite side of this issue but both for self serving reasons. 


  1. Hey, Gary! What single data point do you use to judge your business and your employees? Net profit, return on assets, return on investment, customer satisfaction surveys, sales per square foot, stock price? Do you judge your profit by your gross margin, your income before taxes, or your income after taxes? Seems to me you use multiple data points to judge the success of your business. I thought the point of having a businessman on the state board of education was to bring in that viewpoint, but I guess not. You only want one sole piece of data. So I'm going to judge how good a businessman you are by the price of your stock in the Hong Kong market at 2:31 AM on April 13.

  2. Did Gary Chartrand receive vouchers for his children's education at those expensive and exclusive private schools? America has long since been transforming into a Commnunist Dictatorship and Republican Legislators are taking us there, but people have not been noticing.Principals, teachers, parents, and even superintendents have no say, only Republican Legislators.