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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Times Union to parents, stop complaining you have no idea what you are talking about.

That was the gist anyways in a piece about how parents are concerned about the new math curriculum.
The reporter sited several district coaches and teachers that said, settle down, it may take time (years one teacher said) but we are on the right track.
The Times union must have found the only four teachers in the district that like the new Common Core engage Ny curriculum as I hear constantly that it is between a disaster and not so great.
With just a minimal effort the Times Union could have presented an alternate point of view that showed many teachers are frustrated with the new curriculum as well but instead of choosing to inform the people of Jacksonville they chose to parrot the district’s all is well message, and like the district they are doing our kids a disservice.
To read the TU piece click the link:


  1. "They want you to understand how the tool works before they give you the tool,” Polikoff said. Exactly. Before THEY give you the tool. What happened to differentiation? What happened to encouraging students to decide what tool works best for them? This curriculum does not allow that flexibility and differentiation. If I teach a different strategy or tool that I notice is helping my students, but is NOT in the module, I get called ineffective, or that "I didn't prepare and plan thoroughly."

  2. I have been frustrated with the mathematics curriculum since 1999. DCPS has really ruined some of these students with their math curriculum. They do not realize that by not teaching the elementary school aged children the old-fashioned methods for arithmetic, they are making it much more difficult to teach the students the more advanced mathematics they will encounter in high school. Students do not know how to do long or short division or how to multiply a 3 digit number by a 2 digit number. By learning those skills without a calculator, they make it easier to do some algebra.
    I have had to show my students long division, and they tell me they have never seen it before.

  3. Personally I call my math time of day the witching hour -- EXTREMELY AGE INAPPROPRIATE CURRICULUM, especially for inclusion/ special needs kids in kindergarten!

  4. Wish I could cancel my TU subscription, but with my sad teacher salary I need the coupons. I throw all the rest straight into the recycle bin!

  5. The heart of the complaints show what a botch the implementation of the new standards has been nationwide. I'm gathering my thoughts for a more lengthy exposition.