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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Republican Legislator says he is tired of people blaming Tallahassee for education problems.

Rep. Ritch Workman, R-Melbourne said “It’s so easy to blame Tallahassee” for the problems in the education system, adding that he’s tired of hearing “how we screwed everything up.”

As the head of the Brevard County delegation I guess this is what passes for leadership.

When he is talking about how Tallahassee which has been completely controlled by republicans for going on for seventeen years screwed things up I wonder what he is referring to?
Maybe it is the demonization and marginalization of teachers which has led to an exodus of veteran teachers and a shortage.

Perhaps he meant how Tallahassee has chronically underfunded education and the lottery scam that gave them the cover to do so.

Maybe he means how they have ignored the will of the people with the class size amendment which Tallahassee has effectively gutted.

Then again he could be talking about siphoning nearly a billion dollars out of education and into voucher schools which have practically no accountability, the growth of for profit charters of which over three hundred have failed, the dozens of changes in the accountability system which have culminated in the FLDOE deciding using a flawed test to grade schools and evaluate teachers is okay? Perhaps its ignoring poverty and completely altering the system to go with Common Core may be the screw ups he is talking about.

There are problems in education and most were created by Representative Workman and his colleagues not our teachers or their unions as they would have us believe.

It’s time we fixed the problems in education and a lack of leadership is one of the biggest we have. 

Unfortunately Tallahassee where it is supposed to come from seems much interested in harming our schools than improving them.

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  1. I hope that Bush's clout diminishes after the 2016 elections. Much of this testing fiasco is of Bush's making. It still confounds me how Obama and Duncan allowed us to continue on this testing mania.