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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Is Vitti the king of our schools or the superintendent of them? (rough draft)

First let me applaud the superintendent for this listening tour and encourage more citizens to come out and ask questions.

At this last one, I reminded the superintendent about what he said on the radio program First Coast Connect about play. "I have given schools the flexibility and teachers the flexibility, saying this on the air so everyone hears it, all you parents, if a teacher believes it is time to take kids outside to run around and to expend that energy they have the flexibility to do that."

I asked him if he would be willing to let the teachers and principals of the district know that and to make sure that principals didn't impose repercussions on teachers that wanted to take their kids out.

He said that as a father of young children he believed in play and then went onto tell a story about how earlier in the week it was one of his children's birthdays and he and his wife showed up with non healthy snacks and his child's class got to go out and play and how nobody got in trouble.

I think that's great, I think things like that should happen often but the superintendent  has to know if Mrs. Smith or Mr. Jones showed up with some non healthy snacks at most schools and wanted their child's class to go out and play it probably wouldn't happen. It's almost like he is deaf to the plight of all the rest of the children in the district. His kids get parties and to go out to play and he started a special school to serve his child with dyslexia, while other parents and children around the district just have to take it.

Maybe that's about to change a little bit. 

Kids should be allowed to go out and play and the super has said he will let the district's principals and teachers know that they will be allowed to, he said if I think my kids need it then other kids do too. hopefully he will start to think about what other kids need even if his don't.

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