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Thursday, October 22, 2015

School working groups should have reservations about Vitti's sincerity.

Working groups are groups established by schools to discuss changes that the superintendent has suggested. In case you missed it the super has suggested radically changing seventeen mostly inner city schools on the towns west and north sides. The working groups are supposed to discuss the plans and come up with recommendations which could include to do nothing.

This is what he said about the proposed changes in the Times Union,  I’m not going into this process believing everything in the recommendations needs to be done,”

So I asked him, what suggestions he thought the district definitely needs, he liked and which one he was just throwing out there.

He said all the ideas were important, well thought out and he hopes they pass. He however wanted to make sure the communities effected have a say and if any had reservations he would respect them.

That sounds great doesn't it. A super attuned to the needs of the communities he represents.

Except if past is prologue the the super has a long history of ignoring communities.

Last Summer the First Coast Community rose up and demanded the super remove principal Brennan. The super said, Brennans one of our best and he will stay at First Coast.

Last year the superintendent required some schools to get an extra hour of reading above and beyond what is required by law despite several school communities protesting.

Then his first summer here the John E. Ford community begged him to let them keep their new principals and those cries fell on deaf ears.

Vitti time and time has ignored communities, why should we believe things will be different with the working groups?


  1. This is all a big con job.The decision has been made to change Oak Hill to special needs school.I was told Cagle no longer over sees Oak Hill but still over sees other elementary schools in area.Vitti is king he answers to on one and know one w
    hold him accountable.Duval schools are sinking fast!

  2. The decisions have already been made.Oak Hill is no longer under Cagel(cluster chief over westside elementary schools).It will be a special needs school,to heck with neighborhood kids.Vitti has no accountability!His excuses are always accepted..He is working the media on why our kids state testing grades are going to be low.Give enough excuses and the people are bound to believe one.

  3. I think he understands he has an audience of parents who are increasingly less vocal. Parents in large numbers, who have a choice have either left the district or have placed their children in private school. He is only giving lip service to part of the community and he will do what ever he wants. I live in area where First Coast High is my neighborhood school. I don't know of any child high school age that attends the school. The few that attend public school, go to a neighboring county which has a higher performing non violent school. The declining district numbers operate significantly in his favor, to do whatever he wants without fear of signficant parent outcry.

  4. Here's what 3 yrs. of Vitti's leadership looks like: