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Saturday, October 10, 2015

One year in and Scott Shine, District 2, has been a disaster

Scott Shine rode high name recognition and tens of thousands of dollars from people who would privatize our schools to the district 2 school board seat and I think it is fair to say that he has been a disaster.

He started off by giving Vitti an evaluation that Jesus would have been envious of. I wrote this back in February. Scott Shine our  freshmen school board member who probably doesn't even know what he doesn't even know yet gave the superintendent 48 out of fifty highly effectives (4) and two effectives for a stellar average of 3.96. How is that possible? If Scott Shine isn't going to take his responsibilities seriously then why did he run for the board? I hope it wasn't so he could add another line to his resume.

Then earlier this year Ashley Smith Juarez made him look clueless when he objected to several organizations that the school board belonged too. Despite the fact that she pointed out how beneficial they have been he elected to vote against them.

Then earlier this week he voted to disenfranchise thousands of people he doesn't represent about a measure that only peripherally impacted district 2. He told the board members who represent the districts facing massive changes that they can lump it.

He also voted to extend Vitti's contract nearly a year before he had to without the district experiencing any signs of improvement and he is all over the place on charter schools, saying we needed more while he was running but then complaining about them as a member despite voting to allow several new ones to start and several existing ones to expand.

Scott Shine is finishing up his first year and the district is poorer for it.

Shame on you district 2 you had two more highly qualified candidates to choose from and yet you chose Shine. When will the city learn to elect people who are both knowledgeable and care about our schools. Unfortunately Shine doesn't poses either quality.


  1. Dang. What do I have to do to get an eval like that?

    1. Work as an Admin in the Chateau Behind the Lines on the River.