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Friday, November 13, 2015

Does the Times Union work for superintendent Vitti

The original title of the piece was, "Grasp Academy, Superintendent denies special needs school his children go to get special treatment."

The current title is, "Vitti says special needs school doesn't get special treatment."

There is quite a difference there. I wrote the reporter and said as long as you are changing things could you say, I asked rather than confronted the superintendent. I have yet to hear back from her but then again the Times Union doesn't work for me and I have to say sometimes it seems like they don't work for any of us.


  1. Reporters don't write the headlines. Newspapers have headline editors whose one job is to headline the stories. Which is why we often question if the headline editor bothered to read the story, because many headlines turn out to be misleading. Sigh, but that does not explain the long history of T-U revising its headlines and contents after the powers-that-be in this town talk to them. Who has forgotten the original story that Vitti would get a C and after less than 24 hours, the T-U changed that to a B, in reference to the story of his evaluation by his own criteria?

  2. Yeah, just got my subscription renewal in mail. Would throw it away, but this poor teacher must have coupons! Everything else goes straight into recycling. Wonder if they'd feel it if ALL teachers stopped getting TU?

    1. That is why I only buy the Sunday paper. For coupons. And costs a lot less than weekly subscription. Sunday only delivery.

    2. That's what I've been doing, but they just jacked up the price again! Starting to wonder if it's worth it at all.

    3. Gave up the print edition years ago. For $20 a year, you can subscribe to an online version only and get the print version on your computer. You could probably print out the coupons and the store would honor them.

  3. The purpose of the 1st amendment: media should work for the public, not those in power. And the union should be working for members, not administration.