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Saturday, November 14, 2015

New Curriculum makes parent and teacher feel worthless (rough draft)

The super says just give it time, once teachers and students master the material they will like it. There is a couple problems with that and the first is curriculum never sticks in Duval County as we are always off to something shinier and newer. Second is we are twelve weeks in and for to many students and teachers that is a lost 12 weeks, that they will never get back. A lot of teachers and students don't have years to waste.
This was in my in-box
Just today I was in tears because of the struggle I am having with my 3 daughters in school with the new curriculum. Before they were all A and A/B honor roll students scoring 76 percentile on their FSA, but failing now. My.home is not happy because they are always on punishment or no recreation because we are always doing h.w. or studying. Both my husband and I are educators for the district and if my children are suffering how are the kids who don't have support fairing. Yes, I am public education strong but today I looked at every reputable charter school and affordable private school in the district. I realized the good charters have waiting list and paying 1500 a month for all 3 children plus after care fees is beyond my salary.
So I came home tonight depressed, feeling like a worthless parent.
Here is he thing, I don't know what to do about the math curriculum, it is unbelievable that adults think this is the way to go but the truth is we could fix the ELA curriculum. Step one chuck the pacing guide, the district has to trust its teachers and give them the flexibility to work and to do what they think is best for their kids, next allow teachers to supplement the curriculum with materials that they are comfortable and familiar with and lastly get some freaking books! Does anybody else think that it is crazy for a district with a reading problem to get rid of books? It's madness!!!
The parent and teacher who wrote me is not worthless and if we have a curriculum that makes them feel that way, then the curriculum is the problem. Sadly this parent is not alone.

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  1. I want to know why we cannot see online the actual curriculum-- they are hiding something. . Well , so far, I am unimpressed. There were tons of books in her classroom last year.
    How can curriculum be approved that hasn't even been written. My child is NOT making ground on reading but her she sure knows a lot of history . She also knows about things that I do NOT want her to even be thinking about . How come I am not being told what subjects they are teaching and covering in advance. ? This is totally inappropriate and I cannot get straight answers. Why are there no reading books in the classroom? I was told they didn't buy ANY I thought they would be reading books on tablets as was indicated by the superintendent letter .