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Sunday, November 15, 2015

First year teacher not a fan of the new curriculum either

This is a response from a reader about the super's assertion that a lot of first year teachers like the new curriculum.

From a reader

I am a first year teacher. I started in the middle of the school year last year. I sure hope he's not counting me as one of the new teachers that loves the new curriculum. 

Between that and the constant micro-managing of my time, I am not enjoying my job at all. 

Love the kids, love the other teachers I work with. A district "specialist" came into my classroom and made me feel like a worthless, incompetent teacher because my students were having a hard time with the writing lesson. So I committed a district sin and took a detour from their plans. How DARE I not be using their lessons. 

I've seen more than a few veteran teachers in tears because of the curriculum and/or the time management.

When will the super listen?


  1. I'm curious for your thoughts. In general, why the need for the pacing guide? If you say to control or micromanage, why is that needed? Why might Vitti cinclude that first year(s) teachers prefer the guides? Beyond accountability, what has happened in the field that teachers must follow a pacing guide?