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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Is Vitti playing lip service to play

I got the following comment from a reader and it is something I have herd now several times.

From a reader: I spoke to my child's teacher about this yesterday. She said that until the district relaxes the pacing of the curriculum guides there is no way these children will get to go out for recess anymore than they currently do. If she were to take her children out to play and someone came in and saw that they were behind on their pacing guide she would be in a whole heap of trouble. 

Basically our superintendent is giving lip service to parents.


  1. True. Some of our upper grade teachers are "behind" the pacing guide. They were told "no recess" until you get caught up. " Teach 2 and 3 math lessons a day, and then they can start having recess when they are caught up to the curriculum guide.

  2. At my school their are teachers who are behind on Math lessons. District personnel have told them to double up on lessons and they have to use recess time to do it. No play. Stay on schedule as demanded by district. Also told to move on, even if students don't understand the lessons.

  3. I'll give Dr. Vitti the benefit of the doubt here. It's not a cynical ploy on his part; he really doesn't know. Having said that, it's his job to know. The problem is not the curriculum guide, which is only a guide, but ambitious admins and disingenuous district staff who disregard the superintendent's wishes in an effort to impress him with a set of numbers.

  4. I heard that being behind on math lessons is a district wide issue. So I'm pretty sure they're not being allowed recess until they catch up either. I've gone back and retaught ONE lesson and was chewed out for it. It pains me to see my students frustrated and struggle with this. I've expressed my concern to administration, and was only told that I need to spend more time collaborating more closely with my colleagues, who are also having the same concerns. What good does it have collaborating when we are ordered to follow a script? We have good ideas to reach our students despite the difficult curriculum, but being discouraged from using them all for the sake of following the pacing guide with fidelity.

  5. Yes, he will say and do anything to appease the public. It is absolutely ridiculous. The issue with recess was one of the demands that he placed on school leaders when he first arrived.

  6. We are being told the same thing at our school. Even K-2 were told last week to double up and get on schedule. When it is pointed out that we are behind because the students are struggling with the new curriculum we are told to move on as well. I wonder if the school board is aware that regional superintendents are enforcing the learning schedule so forcefully, at the expense of the students and what is developmentally appropriate?