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Monday, November 30, 2015

So much for Florida's historic education budget.

Governor Scott calls his proposed education budget historic. What he doesn’t mention is that historic here is no higher than 42nd in per pupil spending nationwide, even behind the states of Alabama and Georgia.  He also doesn’t mention that most of the new money is going to come from higher property taxes. Finally I don’t think it should be lost on anyone that the five hundred million in increased spending is almost dollar for dollar what is diverted away from the state coffers to pay for the sates voucher programs.

Most of that money goes to religious schools and the entire program has barely any over site or accountability. Governor Scott in effect is saying let’s try and educate our children on the cheap and raise taxes to pay for vouchers.

So in a way it is historic, it is just historically bad for the tax payers and families of Florida.

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