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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The surreal state of math in Duval County and the rest of the country too.

 I thought it was a great idea that the Duval County School Board was starting a nightly hot line to help parents and care givers help their students with math.  I know I would have a hard time helping students with advanced algebra, geometry, calculus and other higher maths.

Then I learned it was to help parents do what up till now was simple addition and subtraction. The type of problems that we as kids quickly mastered. 

We have gutted the education system that put a man on the moon and helped build the greatest country in the history of mankind in order to catch a few regions in a few countries in Southeast Asia. We have replaced it with a system that does not address poverty which is our real problem and we know it is because when we control for poverty our international test scores zoom to or near the top.

Then when we rob parents and guardians of the ability to help their children then the cure becomes worse than the disease.

We should get rid of common core math and return to common sense policies that deal with our real problems.

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