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Sunday, November 22, 2015

So much for local control of education

Republicans only believe in local control when there is no money to be made. 

Since ethics in Florida means you weren't caught with a live boy or a dead girl, representative Manny Diaz out of Miami is trying to strip from local districts the power to authorize charter schools. Oh what's Diaz's day job? Managing Charter schools.

From the league of Women Voters:
According to the News Service of Florida, Representative Manny Diaz has filed a constitutional amendment that could change how charter schools are approved in Florida.
HUR 759 would allow the Department of Education to establish a statewide system for approving charter schools.  Currently, school districts authorize charter schools and the State Board of Education can over rule school board decisions.
Diaz, a strong charter school advocate, is chair of the House Choice and Innovation subcommittee.  An earlier report by WFSU stated that Representative Diaz would file a bill to standardize charter school applications and change how they were approved, expanded, or terminated.  Evidently, he decided to change the constitution instead.
The Florida legislature can place an amendment on the ballot through a joint resolution which must receive 3/5 of the vote in the legislature.  The amendment then must be approved by 60% of the voters.
Diaz has been one of the worst offenders when it comes to education and it seems as his bank account grows his chutzpah increases as well.
When will Florida say enough is enough to these con men masquerading as legislators who are only looking to enrich themselves?
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