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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Becki Couch points out Fischer and Shines are clueless.

Now she did not directly call them idiots say they were clueless, she is much to nice to do that but in reality that was what she did.

When talking about the opening of a new Charter Schools USA school, an organization that has given thousands to Jason Fischer, Shine and Fischer gave anecdotes as to why they like it. Fischer mentioned a constituent and Shine said, he heard some are great though he admitted some were not so great too.

Couch, most likely befuddled how these two men made it on the school board, said she could give anecdotes too about how they were not performing so well but instead she was going to use the facts to make up her mind and quite frankly the facts aren't to favorable for opening up the school.

Using facts, wow, if only we had more board members like her.

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