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Saturday, November 21, 2015

How fair is the Grasp Academy? Not very when compared to Twin Lakes

First I want to say that the debate shouldn't be about whether the kids at the Grasp Academy deserve extra resources or not as some people including board member Ashley Smith Juarez have framed it. The debate is about fairness.

The grasp academy has 125 kids give or take with IEPs and to assist with their needs and accommodations the district has staffed six ESE teachers there. Twin lakes on the other hand has seventy kids with IEPs and has two ESE teachers and desperately needs more.

Once gain why does the school that the superintendents child going to want for nothing while other people's kids are forced to make do or scrape by. I have been writing, pleading and begging about the IND kids at Ed White for seven years now. How come nobody cares about them?

So yes the kids at the GRASP academy deserve the extra resources but so do so many others across the district, who is advocating for them.

Apparently not the super and chairwoman Ashley Smith-Juarez.

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