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Thursday, November 19, 2015

The stunning hypocrisy of John Legg

I have to think long ago he removed all the mirrors from his house, after all like a vampire I can't imagine he is capable of looking at himself in one.

Mr. Legg who presents himself as the reasonable republican introduced a bill that would stop school districts from using a loophole to get around the class size amendment. If a district declares a school a choice school they are able to average the schools class sizes instead of counting them individually and many schools despite dubious choice options have been declared choice schools.

You are probably thinking, but Chris are you not an ardent defender of the class size amendment and haven't you railed against districts using this loophole, to which my answer is yes and yes.

My problem here however is Legg owns a charter school which bathes in this loophole as all charter schools are considered schools of choice. He is saying, you know what this loophole is making me rich so I want to close it for districts most of whom don't have an extra two nickles to rub together let alone enough money to hire more teachers.

This is just another example how charters wouldn't be able to exist without special favors and rigging the game.

The answer is to stop ignoring the will of the people and to properly fund the class size amendment.

To read more about Legg's hypocrisy, click the links:

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