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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Links to Duval's first grade curriculum, it's amazing.

Then Click the links

If your computer is like mine it will down load.

Duval's first grade ELA curriculum

Curriculum guide

Most of this is done as read alouds where kids can follow along with some pictures. Kids do not have books in the classroom nor to take home.

Take the time to look through it. It is amazing.


  1. AMAZING, isn't it? Meanwhile, third graders are currently engaged in a unit about frogs in their reading curriculum.
    This curriculum is letting our first graders down. They are unable to retell a story properly, tell the difference between fiction and nonfiction, or identify the reasons to support the author's points in a text (one of the hardest nonfiction standards to master for first graders). Look at how many fiction and nonfiction standards they decide to throw in together just for this unit alone!
    And district specialists tell us to "buy into" this curriculum because it'll help increase their vocabulary. UMMM afterlife, shrine, and tomb are just some of the key vocabulary that our students are exposed to. TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE! Also, I'm all for teaching students about other cultures, but teaching them about the religions are WAY OVER THEIR HEADS! And the module assessment has questions based on those religions. What??? Will all this vocabulary help them increase their scores on i-Ready? I THINK NOT.

  2. Wow, check out some of those higher order questions to ask first graders!
    Describe the setting of the story? (King Pakal’s tomb in
    the rainforest of central America)
    What did Tun say was in the tomb with King Pakal?
    (treasure, green jade jewelry, bowls, and tools)
    Why do some believe King Pakal built such
    a great tomb to be buried in?
    The early Egyptians and other ancient people believed that
    many gods influenced or controlled life on earth, so they worshiped
    them. What was different about Abraham? (He worshiped only one
    Low Show each image below, one at a time.
    Ask the students to describe each image.
    Why is each image important? (it is the major shrine of the religion)
    Show image 13A-5: The Western Wall
    Show image 13A-6: Church of the Holy Sepulchre
    Show image 13A-7: Dome of the Rock
    High What reason does the author give for how religion began
    many, many years ago? (people needed to explain things in the
    world that they wondered about)
    Low What reason does the author give for the nickname of the
    “Wailing Wall”? (people sometimes get so emotional when they
    pray there that they wail or cry out)
    Moderate What reason does the author give for remembering the
    three major religions as important? (because religion helps people
    make sense of their world and have influenced laws and customs)

    I respect each of the religions that are presented, but that is not for first graders to learn about!

  3. Well now I'm understanding a connection to my library lesson with the first graders. I was reading a nonfiction book about Thanksgiving and talking about how it is celebrated on different dates in the U.S. and in Canada because they are two different countries. Suddenly a student raised his hand and started talking about Egypt being in Africa. It's all becoming clear!

  4. That should be a high school curriculum. What mad man came up with this? Maybe it was a typo? It was supposed to say Grade 10, but says Grade 1 and the idiots who run the curriculum dept. haven't figured out the error yet.

  5. Something I have been wondering is how many teachers have resigned since the beginning of the year? How many plan to resign this year? How many teaching spots remain vacant?

    The public needs to see these issues. Teachers can't keep going like this. We must push back and say no. At the very least, stop accommodating these ridiculous expectations. I don't know how this is going to change but I am a teacher here in this county and I refuse to send my child to our schools. Not because of the teachers but because of this horrendous curriculum and unbelievable mismanagement of this district.

  6. I looked at these links a few days ago, and they opened. Now they won't. Wanted to show my husband.

  7. Yeah I just checked down for me too. I downloaded them, if anybody wants to send me an email. I will email them to you.