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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Becki Couch explains why she shouldn't be replaced by Dave Chauncey

When asked about amendment 8, all of the candidates in district 2 said they were against it, all except one, Dave Chauncey.

I think it is more likely that he is for it but knows people who support pubic education will be outraged. That and most of his financial backers are for it and he doesn't want to upset them.

Becki Couch knows it is a terrible deal and introduced a resolution against the amendment.

Here is the thing, if you like and respect the job Becki Couch has done, and I do, then voting for Dave Chauncey would be a slap in the face as he would seek to dismantle what she has done, treat the position like a part time position, while serving special interests groups that would dismantle our public schools.

Yes, that was a mouthful so let me stop and let Mrs. Couch explain while voting for Chauncey is a terrible idea.

Amendment 8 Explained by Board Member Becki Couch from Duval Schools on Vimeo.

There are several good candidates in the running to replace Couch, Chauncey is not one of them.

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