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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Nick Howland candidate SB district 2 is up to more dirty tricks.

Is it to late for Scott Shine to get back in the race? Come back Scott, I take back everything I said about you.

Saturday Howland running in a No Party Affiliation school board race partnered with the Republican Party of Duval so they would canvas for him.

Now I get it, if you are a republican or democrat and running for school board, you are going to know republicans or democrats and ask for them to help, but the thing is the school board position is No Party Affiliation for a reason, and that's what is best for kids should trump political parties. It shouldn't matter what political party a candidate is from. Howland obviously has a different take as he panders for votes. 

Being in the school board should be about ideas not about pandering to a particular party. 

Lets add this to his dog whistle that he is a conservative business men in his commercial. 

That he accepted an endorsement from a charter school.

He misused and misled people about statistics, something the Times Union inexplicably complimented him on and then used as a reason to endorse him. 

Oh and he says he wasn't sure about amendment 8, which I think is a lie but we all know was terrible.

Friends do we really want somebody on the school board who is willing to say and do anything to get there? I don't think so.

District 2, you have a couple good candidates, why would consider a guy like Howland? 

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