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Monday, August 6, 2018

At 2:55 Greene sends teachers a note and at 3 the surpluses began

At 2:55 Superintendent Greene sent out an inspiring note talking about the 130 thousand children whose lives the staff affects. It was a nice note.

At 3:00 some teachers got anther note saying they had been surplussed and to report to their new schools by Thursday.

The union let us know this could happen, that teachers at 21 schools are in danger of being administratively transferred if there VAM scores, a metric the state has said districts no longer have to use, is notoriously inaccurate and made to predict the reproductive trends of livestock, were not high enough, but that doesn't make it any easier or right.

I have questions

Did VAM scores come in today?

If not is the district just guessing and if so why didn't it let people know they would be moved last week.

Why is VAM still a thing?

Why are teachers still at the mercy of this monstrosity?

The teachers who were surplussed today deserved better.

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