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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Sam Hall has a disqualifying performance in district 2 school board forum. (rough draft)

Before you continue, please make sure you are sitting and you don't have milk in your mouth, go ahead I will wait.

When asked about further compensating teachers, Hall said, if teaches can make it to retirement they can retire quite handsomely.  Um what, yeah read that again, when asked about compensating teachers he said, if teachers can make it to retirement they can retire quite handsomely.

Oy vey, well there you have it friends, if you can hold out for thirty years you too can live in the lap of luxury.

Who the %$#& thinks this let alone says it?

This wasn't Hall's only boondoggle though it was his biggest.

He brought up Teach for America and his admiration for them twice on his own. I felt like Trey Csar met him in the parking lot and slipped him a twenty to say nice things about them but the real head scratcher came when the panel was asked a question about teacher retention and he said TFA should be given both a sabbatical and extra resources to get certified.  The rest of us can suck it I guess.

Two other things of note in his meandering performance were he thought amendment 8 was a bad use of resources, because you know, you don't need two groups running schools, and we should rely on the philanthropic community to make up any budget shortfalls, you know because the state legislature funding education properly isn't a problem.

Hall sounded like my crazy uncle Mike just winging it.

Um, I don't know what to say friends, there are some really good candidates in District 2, Elizabeth Anderson and tonight Shannon Beckham really stood out and more on those very capable ladies later, heck even Casey Ayers has a plan but Hall having lots of free time and really wanting to win isn't enough.

Friends he was so bad it made me think for a second the voters got it right with Shine in 2014, I mean for a second anyways.

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