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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Only 25 percent of Dave Chauncey, candidate SB district 6, campaign contributions come from within district 6 and that should trouble everyone

The supervisor of elections has a precinct finder where if you put in an address  it shows you your sample ballot.

I nerded out and did that to all of Chauncey's donors.

When I did this he had raised 67, 452.45. Of that 16,850 dollars came from within the district and 50,602.45 had come from outside the district.

Since then he has brought in another, 3,610. of that 2,860 came from outside the district.

So of the 71,062.45, 53,482.45 came from outside,  the district or 75 percent.

Now there are a few caveats, a few addresses were protected and a few others didn't come up with a precinct, probably businesses, but they would not meaningfully change the results.

Chauncey who has said he isn't against amendment 8, a poison pill proposition that would end local control of education received the maximum donation of 1000, 49 times not from 49 different people because Gary Chartrand and several others manipulated the laws and donated to him several times, perfectly legal though hardly ethical just so you know. Um, how many parents and teachers do you know that can drop a grand on a school board race because I don't know any. Chauncey isn't running to represent parents and teachers, no, instead is running to represent millionaires who would control and privatize our schools.

Friends, who he takes money from is so important, and he's not taking it from you. Instead he is taking it from charter school and voucher school interests. The ultra rich who sent their children to private schools and a whole lot from not just outside the district but from outside the city as well. 

Please don't take my word for it, look for yourself.

District 6 has several good candidates who you know will work hard for our schools, Chauncey is not one of the, 

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