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Friday, August 10, 2018

Dave Chauncey, candidate district six, says he doesn’t know if he is for or against amendment 8

I don’t think it should be overlooked that the passing of 8 would greatly benefit charter school operators and he has taken a ton of money from them and their supporters.

First a quick primer on amendment 8. It sandwiches together three nominally related education topics two of which are there to gin up the base and one the writers of the amendment hope people will overlook as they vote for the other two. Civics education which we already have, term limits for school board members which we already have and the creation of a new school authorizer by the state, which would effectively end local control of education. Any guess what the controversial part is?

Chauncey is running for a position that would give him oversite of our schools, and he isn’t sure he is against an amendment that would take oversite of our schools away?

At this point as the League of Women Voters and six out of seven of our current school board members, including Becki Couch the one he seeks to replace as well as various education and parent groups across Florida have come out against it, how can he say he is undecided?

The answer is that isn’t plausible. He knows how he feels or more likely he has been told by Gary Chartrand and his other charter donors how he feels but he is afraid to admit it to a public that is waking up.

There are lots of reasons not to vote for Chauncey, him saying he isn’t sure if the end of home rule over schools is bad is sadly for us just one of them.

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