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Monday, August 27, 2018

Things the media hasn't told you about the local school board races.

We have three very important school board races that will influence the direction of our school system for at least the next 4 years if not longer. District 2 at the beach, district 4 on the north side and district 6 on the west side and riverside will all have new representatives. Two of the people leaving, Paula Wright and Becki Couch have been fierce advocates for public education while the other school board member, Scott Shine, duped the people at the beach into letting him check get elected off his bucket list.

This brings me to what the media has not told you about the three races.

Darryl Willie was instructed by the school board to take down a campaign video where he put public school students on blast with out their parents permission.

He also has a lot of small dollar donors which is cool, if it wasn't a self serving attempt bid on his part to get a lot of self serving donors. Why do I think this is the case? Well its because among them his wife gave him a dollar, though I guess that could mean she thinks about his campaign about as much as I do. 

Darryl Willie has also received a lot of campaign contributions from the same people who are supporting Kimberly Daniels in the house district 14 race, i.e. a lot of anti public education, pro charter and pro voucher republicans.

Speaking of republicans Nick Howland in 2 partnered with the Duval Republican party to canvas for him, which where not against the rules is bad form in races that are supposed to be no party affiliation. Not that people didn't know who he was when he announced he was a conservative businessman in his campaign commercial. 

He also accepted an endorsement from a charter school and tons of money from charter school proponents, but he won't be in the pocket of charter schools, wink wink.

Perhaps what he did that was most egregious is he often used misleading data when he sold his, schools aren't safe narrative. He either knows what he is saying is wrong and doesn't care or he doesn't do his homework and I don't know what of the two is more unforgivable. Inexplicably when the Times Union endorsed him they praised his use of data, which says to me either the knew what he said was and didn't care or they didn't do their homework and I don't know what of the two is more unforgivable.

Along with David Chauncey he also said he was undecided about Amendment 8, a poison pill proposal designed to strip local control of schools away from school boards to benefit charter schools, you know because despite accepting lots of money from charter school interests, neither are in the pocket of charter schools, wink wink. It was struck down by a judge for being misleading which makes me question even more why they weren't against it. 

Chauncey a thirty year old Teach for America alum (Willie is an alum too). Raised a ton of money. 75 percent cam from outside district 6 and over 80 percent came from donors who gave him a thousand dollars. Um what parents and teachers do you know who can drop a grand on a school board race.

Four of those 1000 dollar donations came from Gary Chartrand who has been the golden goose for all three candidates. Gary Chartrand a grocer and member of the state board of education, who never taught a day in his life and who sent his children to expensive and exclusive private schools, has long been a foe of public education and the teaching profession and loves charters, but none of them will be in the pocket of charters, wink wink. 

There are good candidates in each of the three races, Chauncey, Willie and Howland are not among them, and the local media has done a terrible job pointing out their conflicts and misdeeds.  

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  1. Here's to people actually voting for proponents of public schools tomorrow. Thanks for your work in shining a light on these stepping stone, special interest, anti-public school candidates.