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Monday, August 6, 2018

If you care about Public Education, you can't meet Darry Willie half way

In the Times Union Darryl Willie said the following.

Willie said Duval's schools board needs to grasp its governance role and try not to run district programs.  It should also stop dividing along personal or political lines, "In my opinion you shouldn't be on the opposite end of every single vote with a person" he said, "It shouldn't be two camps all the time."

I believe he is talking about how the board has been divided at times with most of the board on one side and Scott Shine and before him Jason Fischer on the other. Ironically enough the same people who supported Shine and Fischer are the same ones who have supported Willie. He is calling for people to get along and meet people half way. On the surface that sounds great but, how do you meet a bigot or a racist half way?

This was a question a panelist on the Bill Maher show asked over the weekend, and it is incredibly relevant here.

I am a teacher and have been one for 18 years, how do I meet Willie who thinks anybody can do my job, teachers aren't professionals and experience doesn't matter half way?

I believe in public education, how can I meet somebody who would privatize our schools half way?

I believe in our schools and our district, how can I meet somebody who takes truck loads of money from people who would dismantle our system half way?

I can't. I won't.

Willie says, ignore what I have said and done, and just watch the videos of me dancing. Don't worry about how bad my ideas are, just meet me half way.

District 4 has some great candidates, Willie is not one of them, now he may  be a fantastic, dancer, father and husband, but being on the school board is grown folks business and we can't afford to meet him half way, not any of the way. 

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