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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Darryl Willie says people who like dancing will vote for him, I @#%^ you not.

Darryl Willie has a billboard. Have you seen it? Does it make you want to vote for him?

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

What about his dance video? Do his dance moves make you want to vote for him? At the district 4 school board forum he said his dance moves can bring people together.

At the 1:51 moment, he said people that care about dancing will gravitate towards him and that he had to be dynamic to bring those people into the fold.


Willie equates being able to do the KiKi shuffle with being on the school board. 

The thing is, if you care about dance moves then Willie is probably your candidate. However if you care about public schools, and if you care about the teaching profession then he is not. He is all style, no substance.

Willie has shown over and over again that he will say or do anything to get your vote, what he hasn't shown is ideas, what he hasn't shown is details.

District 4 has several good and qualifies candidates, Willie isn't one of them. 

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