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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Parents and teachers are not supporting Dave Chauncey, SB district 6 candidate, who is, is troubling

John Kirtley, who has a construction company that builds charter schools and who is Florida's voucher king, supporting schools that don't have to have teachers with degrees and who can teach junk science and history and Gary Chartrand a grocer by trade that parlayed huge donations to Rick Scott into a spot on the state board of education and who is notoriously anti teacher, jump out.

And where I can go on and on about them, it's the amount of maximum donors, or donors that gave Chauncey 1000 dollars that I want to talk about here, because I don't know any teachers or families who can afford to throw a grand at a school board race.

Dave Chauncey has raised $72,925.69, an impressive amount, but of that he received 57, 1000 dollar donations. That's 79 percent of his total. Even worse than the 75% of his money that comes from outside district 6.

That's not from 57 donors by the way, Chartrand gave to him 4 times and Wayne Weaver at least twice.

Who are his other big donors? Well there are lots of charter school interests, lawyers, and company executives that's who and I encourage you to take a look for yourself, but there aren't a lot of teachers and parents. 

Friends, Chauncey who couldn't even say he was against Amendment 8 has taken money from special interest after special interest. Who do you think he is going to answer to if elected. Here is a hint, it's the people who pay his bills and not parents and teachers. 

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