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Friday, August 3, 2018

Sam Hall lays an egg at district 2 school board forum (rough draft)

In 2014 I hoped Hall would beat Scott Shine. Coming out of the primary he was the better candidate and had he won we probably wouldn't be where we are now.

Mr. Hall has had four years to run through what went wrong and define his message but that didn't come through at the district 2 school board forum as he meandered through answers and said STEAM which stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and math so often I dreamed about it last night.

Saying STEAM and serve the whole child however are just catch phrases without details and Hall wasn't just light on details he didn't provide any, in fact he didn't provide anything of substance that I could detect.

His whole pitch seemed to be, elect me, I have a lot of free time, which may have been the only detail he provided the entire night.

Three things he did say caught my interest, he said he had a working relationship with representatives Corey Byrd and Aaron Bean. Well friends that's like the hen going I have a working relationship with the fox and the hawk. Those two have proven over and over they have a hatred of public education and I dout him seeing them at a meeting or two here and there is going to change that.

Next he talked about strategic planning saying JPEF has a plan for the district all the way to 2015.  The lady I was sitting next to and I made eye contact and I whispered, um isn't this 2018 and she nodded in agreement.

Finally, Hall brought JPEF up several times pointing out once he was a delegate of theirs, um you know who else was, yours truly and it means absolutely nothing, but I was surprised he brought up JPEF so many times.

You see he was a delegate of theirs and went to their workshops and volunteered his time with them, which we have established he has a lot of and in 2014 when it came time to endorse somebody, the entire board went with Shine instead. We talked about it back then and you could see how this betrayal hurt him. He knows how bad they are but still referenced them repeatedly because it seems that's all he knows oh and that STEAM and service the whole child sound good.

Sam Hall may have been the right candidate in 2014 when he was going against Shine but he is the wrong candidate now.

The really crazy thing is as bad as he was Howland was worse, but more on that later.  

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  1. Sometimes I feel like Hall just calls in to first coast connect to hear himself talk. It would be funny if it weren't so sad. Makes me wonder why he even wants to be on the school board.