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Monday, August 6, 2018

Dave Chauncey screams using the school board as a stepping stone to other offices

There is nothing wrong with being ambitious, that being said there is a special place in hell for people willing to climb over the back of children for their political ambitions.

The school board has long been a place politicians on the way up, Jason Fischer anyone, or on the way down, Tommy Hazouri, Cleve Warren anyone, look to land.

Now thus far Warren has been pretty solid but I can't help but think a few of his opponents would have been more passionate advocates.

Fischer however was a disaster of epic proportions who did one good thing and that was not finish his term because he quit to run for the state legislature. That's right friends he didn't even finish his term and he has been dreadful for public education and I have to tell you he and Chauncey have a lot of similarities.

Both have been supported by the business community, the chamber of commerce, and Gary Chartrand and both are shamefully short on education experience.

Chauncey just 30, spent two years in a classroom. The district wouldn't hire him to be a dean of boys at a middle school but for some reason he thinks he is qualified to be on the board? It would be laughable if it wasn't so sad and scary that he might one day represent district 6.

I am sure Chauncey looks at the school board seat and sees it as his ticket to the state legislature and beyond because he can't look at his resume and think he is qualified. .

District six has some great candidates with life long ties to the community something Chauncey also doesn't have. Why would they select a thirty year old who at best doesn't know what he doesn't know but more likely is looking to serve the business community as he kills time to the next election.

Being on the school board is grown folks business and if Chauncey really cared about children or had any sense of decency he would drop out and let the other candidates have a battle of ideas. 

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